Why CM Solar?

Wide Product Range: CM Solar offers its customers a wide range of products. We provide different options to our customers, including LED bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and many more.

Quality Products: We prioritize customer satisfaction and therefore collaborate with high-quality bulb manufacturers. CM Solar provides customers with high-performance, energy-efficient, and long-lasting bulbs, delivering quality products.

Expert Customer Services: To ensure customer satisfaction, we have an expert customer service team. Our customer service team is always ready to answer questions, solve issues, and guide customers in selecting the right bulbs for their needs.

After-Sales Support: We offer after-sales support to customers who purchase bulbs from us. In case of any issues with our products or if customers need assistance in any matter, we provide technical support and assistance to ensure customer satisfaction.

Environmentally Friendly Products: CM Solar also prioritizes environmentally friendly bulb options. We promote energy-efficient and low-carbon footprint products like LED bulbs. By offering environmentally conscious bulb choices, we help customers contribute to energy conservation.


Reliable Service

As CM Solar, we are here to provide quality products and customer satisfaction-oriented services.

Elevate Your Brightness with Quality Bulbs!

Quality Products

CM Solar provides customers with high-quality and reliable products. The bulbs, produced in accordance with quality standards, offer long-lasting durability and robust performance.

Customer Satisfaction

CM Solar, which prioritizes customer satisfaction as its utmost priority, provides customers with a high level of service. We answer inquiries and offer solutions tailored to their needs.

Secure Payment System

At CM Solar, we utilize secure payment systems. We take necessary measures to ensure the security of customers' financial information and prioritize confidentiality.


Green Energy - CM SolarGreen energy meets your workplaces and homes. While illuminating your nights with the right energy, it also sheds light on your future. You can access our products from our store or through our online shopping website.

Sustainable Future with CM SolarFor a sustainable future, we prioritize renewable energy in our production. While illuminating your nights, we are guiding your future. You can access our products from our store or through our online shopping website.

Right Energy, High Performance - CMSOLARWith over 30 years of industry experience, we embarked on this journey from Balıkesir and today we stand across all of Turkey. Because we dedicated all of our efforts to the development of the energy and lighting sector. We worked tirelessly and aimed for the best, reflecting quality in our products by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our energy is strong, and our goals are ambitious...

Pioneer of the New Generation Bulb - CM SolarThe pioneer of the new generation bulb, CM Solar, carries its energy from Balıkesir to the world in its quality products produced in its manufacturing facilities. You can access our products from our store or through our online shopping website.